The bottom line: I want to serve on the County Council, because I’ll fight for you.

I Oppose Better Together. 

I oppose Better Together and I am not pro-merger. That’s why I’ve signed and am supporting the Board of Freeholders petition that will make sure we have a seat at the table for any conversations about merger.

The St. Louis region is a patchwork of 90 different cities, townships, and municipalities. There are good and bad things about that structure. Because we’re split into so many municipalities, members of our community are often directly competing against one another – when we need to be directly cooperating with one another.

So while I do not support Better Together and I’m not pro-merger, I do want to continue conversations about how our different municipalities and communities can work together to make our local and County government work for everyone in our community. When we do, we’ll bring more people – and more business – to the region, and make all of our lives better. 

We Need Transparent, Accountable Government

I’ll fight to end this cycle of corruption – to restore the honor and integrity to our County government. I’ll fight to make our county government transparent, accountable, and fair. I’ll fight to ensure that your voices are heard and your priorities are the Council’s priorities. And I’ll fight to help everyone in every zip code across this District have opportunities, because leaving anyone behind means we’re leaving all of us behind.

You can be sure that I’ll be an independent voice, a responsive leader, and a fearless advocate for this community. 

Building A Strong County Economy Requires Supporting All Workers 

A strong job force means a strong foundation for people to make a living – and a life – in St. Louis County. I’ll prioritize ideas that support a strong workforce – starting with strong wages and benefits, but including paid parental leave, protecting our rights to organize, supporting additional wage increases, and fighting for gender and racial pay equity.

Protecting the Environment is an Opportunity for Growth 

We are at the beginning of a green revolution, when the whole world is coming to terms with the challenge that our changing climate brings. We need to take this challenge as an opportunity, by creating green jobs, “green-ifying” public spaces, implementing strong recycling and composting programs, creating energy efficient building codes – and incentives for businesses to develop green initiatives of their own, and investing in the beautiful parks that we’re proud to have in St. Louis County.

Investing in Our Families is Investing in Our Future 

All of the children in our region deserve the best chance in life, and families deserve resources that will help them thrive, not just survive. That means investing in our region’s future by providing affordable and high quality early childhood education, ensuring a more equitable distribution of resources, promoting paid leave for working parents, and securing more investment from cradle to career for all of the children in the County.

Economic Development Needs to Benefit the People, Not Special Interests 

We must prove that the County government is working for the people, not for political donations. That means we have to ensure that tax breaks aren’t handed out to developers without there being some benefit to the community. That seems like common sense. Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening today.

It’s also no surprise to the people in St. Louis County that we need more investment in our infrastructure. We can’t expect businesses to invest in a community that won’t invest in itself. I’ll work to make sure our region has what it needs to rebuild and improve our infrastructure.

Protecting Our Communities 

Our public safety officers put their lives on the line every day for us – but our region has a devastating history of violence and racial bias between law enforcement and our communities of color. That’s why I’m calling for more investment in community inclusion and engagement programs for law enforcement and its constituents, and for implicit bias training for law enforcement at all levels. That’s also why I’m supporting the community policing proposals that were introduced by our new County Prosecutor, Wesley Bell. I’m looking forward to working with him and his staff on how we can make those plans happen.

We Need To Address Racial Equity 

Our region has a disturbing history of systems that excluded many people – largely people of color – from the resources we all need to thrive. Communities of color feel left behind, because in many ways they have been. We must change, and we have the resources to do it. We have roadmaps provided by the Ferguson Commission to help us work to make our region more cohesive, collaborative, and inclusive. We need to ensure that residents in every zip code of St. Louis County have opportunities to succeed, because leaving anyone behind means we’re leaving all of us behind.

This campaign is about transparency, accountability, and responsiveness. That means I want to hear from you. I want to know what issues matter to you. You can reach me right now, by clicking the contact form below or e-mailing

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